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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chimney Sweep

certified chimney sweep in louisville kyDid you know leading fire safety experts recommend that homeowners hire a chimney sweep for annual inspections, including in Louisville? The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) agree that chimney safety begins with yearly chimney inspections done by qualified technicians. Our Louisville Chimney service offers the best chimney maintenance and repair because your safety is our priority and all of our chimney technicians are trained and certified. The following are the three major benefits of hiring a professional chimney sweep.

Chimney Cleaning Done Right

You can enjoy peace of mind when using your fireplace, after it has been cleaned by a professional chimney technician in Louisville. Every time you burn a wood fire, a combustion byproduct known as “creosote” is deposited in the flue. It’s important to remove buildup of the tar-like substance because it is highly flammable. The more creosote there is, the greater the chances that a hot ember will cause it to ignite, starting a dangerous chimney fire. Certified chimney sweeps have professional-grade equipment to ensure that removal of creosote is thorough.

No-Mess Chimney Services

Rest in the confidence that a mess will not be left behind, when a professional Louisville chimney sweep inspects or cleans your chimney. Experts have all the best equipment for ensuring that none of the ash or soot from the fireplace or chimney makes a mess in your home. Specialized vacuums are used to efficiently remove all debris.

Can Spot the Chimney’s #1 Enemy

Looking at your chimney, it may appear like a durable and attractive feature of your home that’s always ready to transfer toxic gases from fires to the outside. The reality is that your chimney is highly vulnerable to damage caused by moisture if not inspected and maintained yearly. The way the chimney is built is largely about protecting the masonry from moisture. The mortar that holds the masonry together only has a lifespan of about 25 years, at best. Once the mortar deteriorates, the masonry is exposed to moisture whenever it rains. If the moisture penetrates the masonry, it will expand and contract during freeze and thaw cycles in winter. As a result, the face of the brick begins to break and pop off. If chimney repairs aren’t made, the chimney could begin to lean and could eventually collapse.

chimney cap repair chimney service in louisville kyExpert Louisville chimney sweeps are familiar with all the ways moisture can wreak havoc on a chimney. During chimney inspections, components of the chimney that are checked for leaks and deterioration that can lead to costly damage include: The chimney crown, flashing, the chimney cap, the mortar and masonry on the chimney stack, and the flue. A specialized camera can be used to inspect the flue from top to bottom. Moisture mixed with toxic creosote can cause deterioration of the flue lining, which exposes your home and family to danger.

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