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Chase Top Installation – Louisville KY Chimney Services

chase top installation in louisville kyA chimney chase top or chimney shroud protects a wooden chimney chase from damage caused by moisture. Broken masonry, missing mortar joints, rotten wood, structural damage, and a rusty firebox are among the problems that occur without a protective covering that keeps water out. When a chimney deteriorates, it can become a fire hazard and possibly expose the home to toxic fumes, due to blockage. Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC, installs chimney chase tops, including custom rain pans and decorative shrouds.

The easiest and least expensive way to protect your chimney and prevent costly water damage is by having a chimney chase top or chimney shroud installed. There are various styles to choose from, including designs that add aesthetic value. An additional function of chimney chase tops is that they can help to prevent animals and debris from entering the chimney system.

Decorative Shrouds and Custom Chimney Rain Pans

Wooden framed chimneys can look very similar to masonry chimney systems, but they are actually very different. A chimney chase top has a flat piece of metal on the base part called the rain pan. It looks like an upside-down baking pan, and the average life span is somewhere between 7 and 16 years, depending on the type of material the chimney topper is made with. At Louisville Chimney Sweep, we provide custom-built chimney toppers, when needed. We also install ready-made chimney chase tops, to ensure that they provide durable protection against moisture. Custom chimney shrouds are sometimes needed, to divert rain away from the chimney. Decorative chimney shrouds cover the termination cap and add additional value and character to your home.

Materials for Chimney Chase Tops

The materials commonly used in the construction of chimney chase tops are galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. There are pros and cons of each. Learn more below.

Galvanized Steel

The least expensive chimney chase tops are constructed of galvanized steel. They tend to rust quickly, and they can cause discoloration on your chimney and roof. The condition of galvanized steel chase tops should be carefully monitored, since they typically need to be replaced frequently.


Aluminum is also a relatively inexpensive material used for chase tops, and it resists corrosion and rust. The metal is prone to damage, however. Aluminum is a softer material than the other options you can choose from. This is not a good material for chimney chase tops in any area that experiences high winds or other kinds of severe weather conditions.

Stainless Steel

The strongest material used for chimney chase toppers is stainless steel. This is a highly popular choice among homeowners. Stainless steel chimney chase tops won’t rust, and they require less maintenance than chimney toppers made with galvanized steel or aluminum.


A top-of-the-line chimney chase top is made with copper. This is the most expensive material, and a copper chase top has more to offer, as far as aesthetics. The copper doesn’t have to remain in a polished state to reflect enduring beauty. Left to the elements, copper patina forms, which is a greenish or bluish color. Many people consider patina to be even more beautiful than polished metal. Copper chimney chase tops sometimes come with a lifetime warranty.

chimney services and chase top installation in louisville kyFully Licensed & Insured Chimney Repairs

If a chimney chase top or other components of a rain cap has a hole caused by rust, the cost for repairs can easily be thousands of dollars. Such repairs involve sheetrock and framing damage, and it is not always covered by homeowner’s insurance. It can be very costly to leave the condition of your chimney chase cover to chance. Contact a Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair representative about the condition of your chimney chase cover by calling (502) 410-4019 today.