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Chimney Storm Damage – Louisville Certified Chimney Sweeps

louisville ky expert chimney rebuilding and chimney restorationThe need for storm damage repair on chimneys is not unusual in the Greater Louisville KY area. Chimneys are subjected to the full effect of strong winds, torrential rains, and microburst thunderstorms. Following strong storms, chimneys may have missing or damage flashing, cracked masonry, and damaged or missing chimney chase covers and chimney caps. Not all of the destruction caused by a storm is obvious. A chimney leak is a type of hidden damage. At Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC, our chimney professionals recommend that you do not put off or ignore the potential for chimney damage caused by a strong storm. By addressing problems quickly, you can reduce the cost of repairs.

When you call Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair about storm damage, our professionals will do more than address obvious problems. IMI-certified chimney inspectors will conduct a thorough evaluation so that any hidden damage is also discovered, and needed repairs will be recommended.

We Specialize in Storm Damage Repair

We provide expert masonry repairs. If any type of chimney rebuild is required, there is no need to deal with multiple contractors. Whatever type of chimney and masonry repair services you may need in Louisville KY will be handled by the experienced, qualified professionals at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair. Our chimney repair services and storm damage repairs include the following:

  • Masonry Repairs, including Tuckpointing
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Chimney Leak Resolution
  • Waterproofing
  • Chimney Relining
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Chase Cover Installation

How to Spot Signs of Storm Damage to the Chimney

After a blustery storm has passed, you may not be certain whether the chimney is in need of storm damage repair or not. If you haven’t had a chimney inspection in about a year or more, having an inspection after a storm is a good idea; and it will give you peace of mind. Sometimes, whether sooner or later, you can see signs of damage. Since some types of chimney damage are initially hidden, there is sometimes delayed evidence of storm damage. The following are possible signs of chimney damage caused by a storm:

  • The chimney cap or chimney chase cover is damaged or becomes dislodged.
  • Water marks develop around the fireplace or on ceilings, including the attic ceiling.
  • White, chalky stains or other types of discoloration, known as efflorescence, appear on the chimney exterior.

louisville ky chimney service and chimney rebuilding for storm damageChimney Storm Damage Claims Made Easy

Dealing with insurance claims for chimney storm damage is also something we can help with. After conducting a professional inspection of your chimney system, our technicians will document the storm damage, to ensure that you can get the funds needed for repairs. The written report we provide will include findings, recommendations, and photographs that document our findings.

Our experience working with insurance companies is extensive. We are thoroughly familiar with what you need in order to have your storm damage repair claim quickly filed and approved, hassle-free.

Chimney Sweep Services for Storm Damage Repair

Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair is proud to be the best choice for chimney sweep services and repairs in the Greater Louisville KY area. If you need storm damage repair, a chimney inspection, or any other chimney services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (502) 410-4019.