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Louisville KY Chimney Liners

louisville ky chimney liner installationThe chimney liner is arguably the most important component of the entire chimney system. Its function is to remove smoke and combustion gases up and out of the home while protecting vulnerable parts of your chimney system. A chimney liner is non-combustible and must be entirely intact, to perform safely and efficiently.

If there is so much as a pinhole crack in the chimney lining, sparks and intense heat can travel to combustible parts of the home, where they don’t belong, including in ceilings, your attic, and in the walls near your chimney. It is important to avoid using a heating appliance that’s connected to a failed liner, until chimney liner repair or chimney relining is completed. Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC, examines the condition of chimney liners during chimney inspections and lets homeowners know if any type of damage has occurred. Our chimney professionals recommend liner repairs or replacement, if needed.

Our highly trained, certified technicians can also help with new chimney liner requirements when a heating system is converted to a new appliance, such as a stove, furnace, or fireplace. A professional is needed to verify that the lining can be used with the newly installed system or to install a new liner, if required. New heating appliances usually need to be installed by a professional, for any related damage that may occur to be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Chimney Liner Materials

Chimney liners are usually made of clay tiles when a masonry chimney is built. Clay tiles are durable and relatively inexpensive. Eventually, chimney liners need to be repaired or replaced, due to deterioration or damage caused by age, moisture, or a chimney fire. Options for chimney liner replacement include cast masonry or an aluminum or stainless steel liner. It can be very difficult and impractical to use clay tiles for replacement because it can require partial tear-down and rebuild of the chimney structure itself to complete the task.

Signs You May Need a New Chimney Liner

It is not always evident that a chimney liner is damaged and needs to be replaced. However, there are some possible clues that can serve to alert you that the chimney lining should be inspected. If your chimney is no longer drafting properly or has a bad smell, it could be because of a buildup of soot and creosote creating blockage and odors. Be sure to contact our professionals without delay if you see bits of broken clay in your fireplace because it is a sure sign that the chimney lining is deteriorating.

louisville ky expert chimney sweeps installation chimney linerA Safety Issue With No Chimney Liner

Faulty chimney liners are common causes of hazardous chimney fires. A chimney without a liner is extremely dangerous, and yet many old homes still have unlined chimneys. The homes were built before it was required to add a flue liner. Building a fire when a chimney is completely unlined creates a heightened risk of a chimney fire that leads to a house fire. A chimney liner can be added to the chimneys in these historic homes, making safe fires possible.

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