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Louisville KY – Chimney Leaks & Water Damage

louisville ky waterproofing chimney with chimney cap installSigns of chimney leaks include water stains on your walls around the fireplace, water in your attic, a puddle of water in your fireplace, and moisture collecting at the chimney base. The cause of a chimney leak is not always easy to pinpoint, since a number of different things could be the problem. If you notice signs of a possible chimney leak, don’t hesitate to contact our certified experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC, for a solution. The damage caused by leaks only gets worse as time goes by. Chimney leaks should be fixed as quickly as possible, to cut costs of chimney repair.

Causes of Chimney Leaks

A masonry chimney can appear to be a strong, invincible structure; but the reality is that moisture and the elements can do enormous damage, including causing chimney leaks. Any of the following situations plus more can cause a chimney to leak:

  • If there is no chimney cap, water and other debris have unobstructed access to your chimney. A chimney cap should be installed without delay.
  • When chimney crowns are cracked and deteriorating, water easily seeps into the chimney system.
  • The flashing on a chimney can make the roof and chimney very vulnerable to leaks. Flashing is difficult to install correctly. Chimney leaks can occur if there is faulty flashing installation, if the metal has developed rust, or if part of the flashing is missing.
  • If there is no chimney liner or if the liner is cracked, masonry materials inside the chimney can become saturated with condensation as the temperature cools inside the chimney, causing a leak.

Protect your Chimney from Water Damage

There are at least three steps you can take to help prevent a chimney leak. First, you can call on chimney experts to provide waterproofing, which creates a protective barrier to keep water out of the masonry. Secondly, make sure any trees near your chimney are trimmed back so that the branches don’t cause damage that could result in a chimney leak. Third, regularly check to be sure gutters and downspouts near the chimney are free of debris and working properly. Clear and free gutters can prevent a backup of water that possibly causes moisture damage, including a chimney leak.

professional chimney repairs and chimney construction for waterproofing in louisville kyContact a Professional Chimney Sweep Today

Sometimes homeowners don’t notice signs of a leaky chimney, since the damage is often very discreet. One of the best reasons to schedule annual chimney sweep and inspection is so that professionals can make a determination about the chimney’s condition. Chimney specialists are able to spot signs of moisture damage and chimney leaks that aren’t obvious to others. Contact Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC at (502) 410-4019 today. We are your best choice for chimney services, including diagnosis and repair of chimney leaks.