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Chimney Crown Waterproofing & Rebuilding – Louisville KY

chimney crown rebuild and chimney services in louisville kyMasonry chimneys are extremely vulnerable to damage caused by moisture, which is why chimney crown rebuilding or repair is needed anytime the crown shows sign of deterioration. It is often said that the chimney crown is the first line of defense against chimney damage caused by water. The crown works like a protective umbrella. It is at the top of the masonry structure and prevents rain and snow from getting between the chimney flue and the chimney exterior. The technicians at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC are trained, certified, and qualified to provide reliable chimney crown rebuilding and repair services, plus all of your chimney needs.

Chimney Crown Waterproofing

Chimney crowns don’t have the same durability as masonry and yet they are also constantly exposed to the sun and other harsh elements. It’s tough to keep an eye on the crown, which is the component of the chimney that you have to climb on the roof to check on. During annual chimney inspections, our chimney professionals always look for signs that chimney crown rebuilding or repair may be needed. If it is discovered that minimal damage has occurred, the only chimney crown repair required may be to fill cracks in with high bond patching material and then apply waterproof sealant on the chimney crown.

Waterproofing sealant provides a protective layer that allows the structure to breath but also prevents moisture from getting inside and causing rapid deterioration. The sealant should be applied to the entire chimney, as a cost-cutting preventative measure.

Chimney Crown Rebuilding

Patching a chimney crown is not always a strategy that works. When a chimney crown starts showing significant signs of aging, it may be time for chimney crown rebuilding. Once a crown has missing and broken pieces, it lacks structural integrity. Unfortunately, masons who lack experience often use a mortar mix to seal a crown, but the material isn’t sufficiently weather-resistant. Using mortar further exposes your chimney to the potential for significant water damage.

On chimney crown rebuilding projects, our experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair typically use cement. There are other effective solutions, including cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete crowns with steel reinforcement. Metal and stone can also be the materials used to build a chimney crown. The important thing is that the structure is weather-resistant and watertight. There is a slant away from the center of the chimney crown, to divert water away from the chimney as much as possible. The design helps to prevent water from infiltrating the chimney walls.

chimney crown rebuild in Louisville kyBest Chimney Crown Rebuilding & Repair

Have you scheduled an annual chimney inspection? The most respected and authoritative fire safety organizations include the NFPA and IMI, and they agree that a chimney inspection every year is important for safety reasons. Inspections also help to cut maintenance costs. The best way to avoid the need for chimney crown rebuilding and repair plus other related repair expenses is with routine inspections, cleaning, and maintenance from the skilled chimney technicians at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair. Call us today at (502) 410-4019 for the best in chimney services throughout the Greater Louisville area.