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Furnace Flue Cleaning & Inspection – Louisville KY

professional furnace flue cleaning and inspection in louisville kyFurnace flue maintenance provided by chimney sweeps is as important as annual chimney inspections. A furnace flue is not maintained by fuel suppliers or utility companies, which comes as a surprise to many homeowners. If furnace flue maintenance is neglected, it can be dangerous and even create life-threatening hazards. The chimney experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC have the training and experience to provide furnace flue cleaning, to ensure the safe use of your furnace.

Venting Systems Need Cleaning & Inspection

Certified chimney sweeps routinely clean venting systems for furnaces and other heating appliances, in addition to wood-burning fireplaces. Hazardous blockage and buildup can occur with gas appliances as well as furnaces.

With gas systems, “scale” forms when gas byproducts and moisture combine, and it creates buildup in the flue. If too much of this coating develops, the result could be substandard performance. In addition, deadly carbon monoxide could back up into the home.

Acidic condensate is also a byproduct of oil and gas furnaces, and the acidity can literally eat away the flue lining.

When Should Furnace Flue Cleaning be Scheduled?

The flue of a furnace or gas heating appliance needs maintenance, but many homeowners mistakenly assume their oil provider or heating contractor handles flue cleaning. This is incorrect. Chimney sweep services are needed because, without maintenance, these systems can become clogged, which is hazardous. The following are times when a furnace flue cleaning should be scheduled:

  • Although routine maintenance of furnace flues is essential, there are certain times when it’s best to have the furnace flue cleaned by a chimney sweep without delay. For instance, when you are moving into a new home, it is important to have the furnace flue checked before using the vented appliance.
  • Whenever a new furnace is installed, certain venting specifications must be met. Today’s heating units have high capacity for heat output and energy efficiency, and the venting system has a lot to do with proper operation.
  • Forced air furnaces, hot water furnaces, and all vented systems need an annual inspection.
  • If an appliance is converted for the purpose of using gas, it is required by many building codes that the flue is inspected and cleaned before making the switch. The types of problems that can occur if this step is neglected include accumulation of oil or coal soot that drops down the flue. This can cause both the clean-out pit and flue opening to become clogged.

expert certified chimney sweep and flue cleaning in Louisville kyFlue Venting Configuration and Sizing

It is crucial that the entire venting system for a furnace is properly configured and sized. When the flue size is incorrect, the result could be combustion gases with excess moisture. This is serious because moisture causes more damage to chimneys and flue systems than anything else.

Qualified Chimney Sweeps

For furnace flue cleaning and chimney services such as chimney inspection, flue installation, and cleaning, contact Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair today at (502) 410-4019.