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Louisville Chimney Flashing Repairs

louisville ky chimney flashing repair and chimney repairChimney flashing repair is a common need among homeowners in the Greater Louisville Area. Of the various components of a chimney that deteriorate, resulting in moisture damage, the flashing is associated with leaks most often. Chimney flashing is the sheet metal installed to ensure a watertight connection between the roof and the chimney. Flashing is notorious for being the part of the chimney that lacks durability. Yearly chimney inspections are important for numerous reasons, and having the flashing checked for vulnerabilities is among them. Annual chimney inspections are highly recommended by leading organizations in fire safety, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Masonry Institute (IMI). The experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC specialize in chimney services, and flashing is always carefully inspected during chimney inspections.

Types of Damage Addressed in Flashing Repair

Destructive chimney leaks caused by flashing can occur as a result of something as small as rust around a single nail. The damage is not usually easy to catch, which means the roof is vulnerable around the chimney. One of the reasons flashing is such a common issue is that installation is difficult to get right, if the person doing the work doesn’t have adequate knowledge, training, and experience. A second reason is that metal is more vulnerable to the elements than chimney masonry.

Water can run down into the chimney system and the home, if the chimney flashing is torn, cracked, loose, or rusted. The cause for failure of the flashing can be exposure to extreme weather and common wear and tear, in addition to faulty flashing repair or installation.

The chimney system and roof structure are both exposed to moisture by faulty flashing. Leaks can damage masonry, requiring a partial or complete chimney rebuild. On the roof, leaky flashing leads to wood rot, drywall damage, and mold. Regular trips to the attic are a good preventative measure, since that is where evidence that flashing repair is required can be easy to spot.

How does Chimney Flashing Work?

Flashing has overlapping metal sections that are made to fit around the roofline of the chimney. It is installed in two layers. On the roof, flashing is placed underneath the shingles or roof covering and then up, flush against the wall of the chimney exterior. The materials used for chimney flashing include aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. Aluminum is the most vulnerable material, and copper is the longest-lasting.

The trickiest part of flashing installation is at the top part of the metal component, where it is wrapped around the four corners of the chimney. To create the needed watertight bond, urethane caulking is used.

Proper installation of flashing is essential, to protect your roof and chimney masonry from costly damage and prevent the unexpected need for flashing repair. Chimney experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair are certified and trained, with strong backgrounds in chimney construction and chimney rebuilding, both of which involve flashing installation.

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How long has it been since your chimney flashing was checked for possible leaks? If you haven’t had a chimney inspection in a year or more or if you have concerns about your chimney, call Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair today at (502) 410-4019. Our qualified technicians will check the condition of your flashing and all other chimney components, to ensure safe and proper operation and help you avoid the costliest repairs related to chimney leaks, such as flashing repair.