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Chimney Liner Repair – Cast-in-Place

masonry work and chimney liner repair in Goshen KYWhen a clay chimney liner has deteriorated, Cast-in-Place is an option that allows you to restore the liner without the complications or expense involved with rebuilding. Most masonry chimneys are built with clay tile liners because they are economical and durable. After about 25 years at most, however, the liner will need to be replaced due to wear and tear. If there is even a small crack in a chimney liner, hazardous seepage of carbon monoxide, smoke, hot embers, and fire to your attic and living spaces in your home can occur. This method can help to protect your home and family from these devastating consequences, and it can also help you avoid the cost of a stainless steel liner. The chimney technicians at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC recommend the Cast-in-Place process for repairing a chimney flue.

Is Cast-in-Place Needed for your Chimney?

A certified chimney technician will give your chimney a thorough inspection. Among the details checked in an inspection is whether or not there are signs of deterioration. A camera can be used to carefully inspect an existing chimney liner from top to bottom. The chimney repair and resurfacing system can help if any of the following applies to your chimney:

  • Eroded or spalled clay tiles
  • A clay liner that has cracks
  • Clay tile mortar joints have deteriorated
  • Holes and gaps between clay tiles

How Does Cast-in-Place Work?

With Cast-in-Place resurfacing system, your chimney liner is structurally restored, making it possible for hazardous fumes to be safely vented to the out-of-doors through the chimney, as it should be. Two methods are used to repair the interior  of a chimney flue liner:

  • The Joint Repair System is useful when repair is only for defective mortar joints; and
  • The Resurfacing System, which repairs mortar joints as well as minor defects in clay flue liners or tiles.

Cast-in-Place Resurfacing System

The Resurfacing System works well for chimneys that are sound other than minor deterioration in the flue liner. A coating is applied over the entire flue, to restore the soundness of cracked and deteriorating clay tiles. After the repairs are completed, our Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair installer will show you a video scan of the fresh coating, so that you can see for yourself that the chimney is fully sealed and newly restored.

Cast-in-Place Joint Repair

The Joint Repair system is a patent-pending method that will effectively fix your chimney. The first step is that an applicator blade made of foam is cut to custom-fit your chimney. From there, a special mixture is used to fill gaps and voids. Camera monitors will verify that every void and gap has been repaired.

Buckner KY clay chimney liner repairChimney Repairs that come with Peace of Mind

Your home is at serious risk when the chimney flue has cracks, gaps, and spalling or breakage. The flue can no longer keep your home safe in the way it is intended to, when the liner is damaged. Take advantage of the Cast-in-Place repair system, to restore your chimney liner and your peace of mind. Contact the chimney experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair today; call (502) 410-4019.