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Louisville KY Chimney Repairs – Chimney Cap & Liner Repairs

chase top installation in louisville kyThe chimney technicians at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC, are all fully trained and IMI-certified to perform a full range of chimney repairs including chimney cap replacement and installation, chimney liner installation, firebox repairs, and leaky chimney repairs. We serve all of Louisville KY, Jefferson County, and the communities of Prairie Village, Medora, Lynnview, Spring Mill, Ashville, Thixton, Seatonville, Creekside, Hopewell.

During the life of your fireplace and chimney, basic chimney repairs will be needed to keep the system safe and functioning efficiently & effectively. Basic wear & tear and exposure to extreme weather conditions will cause a number of issues that should be dealt with swiftly to keep your family safe and to prevent expensive damage down the line. Here is a look at the repair services we offer to Louisville residents:

Chimney Caps

One of the most economical and practical ways to protect your chimney from costly chimney repairs is to have a chimney cap installed. These chimney toppers are essentially like screens for your windows or porch. They are designed to keep moisture out of the vulnerable chimney flue, to keep animals and debris from clogging the opening in your chimney, and to keep sparks from flying out of the top of your flue and lighting a fire on something nearby. Our professional chimney sweeps will install properly fitting chimney caps to help prevent these common issues and to help save you money on future chimney repair costs.

Chimney Liners

A chimney liner is arguably the most important component of your entire chimney system. This non-combustible lining in your chimney allows all smoke, gases, and other particles to exit your home safely and keeps the interior of your flue protected from corrosive byproducts of fires. A few signs that you might need a new chimney liner include chimney drafting problems, a smell coming from your fireplace, and broken pieces of clay in your firebox. We offer both chimney liner installation services and complete chimney relining for our Louisville customers.

Firebox Repairs

The firebox is the interior space in your fireplace that is constructed with refractory bricks and mortar. This area gets a lot of use and even though it is designed to withstand extremely hot temperatures, the masonry material will still degrade and deteriorate over time with regular use. It’s a good idea to have one of our Louisville Chimney Sweeps inspect the firebox along with the rest of the fireplace and chimney once a year to look for cracks or damaged bricks or mortar that can leave your fireplace vulnerable.

louisville chimney reapirs for leaky chimneyLeaky Chimney Repairs

Finding the cause of a chimney leak is generally no easy task. When water enters your chimney system either through the opening at the top or through cracks in the structure, it can lead to extensive damage in your attic, walls, or floor around the chimney itself. Our chimney pros are trained to spot problems in the venting system that can lead to chimney leaks.

Call our Louisville KY chimney sweeps for chimney repairs of all sorts. We can provide thorough chimney cap repairs, chimney liner repair or replacement, firebox repair and restoration, and leaky chimney repairs. Contact our professional techs at (502) 410-4019 to schedule a chimney repair service today.