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Louisville KY Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry Repair

chimney construction and masonry work in louisville kyTrust in our chimney & masonry experts for chimney rebuilding services and masonry chimney repairs in Louisville KY, Jefferson County, and the communities of Prairie Village, Medora, Lynnview, Spring Mill, Ashville, Thixton, Seatonville, Creekside, Hopewell.

Although chimneys are incredibly sturdy structures, they won’t last forever without proper maintenance and repairs. The professional technicians at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair have extensive experience with masonry chimney repairs and offer a full range of rebuilding and repair services that include tuckpointing, full chimney rebuilding, chimney crown repair, chimney liner repair, and smoke chamber parging.

If your chimney has spalling bricks, our pros will restore the original beauty of your home’s chimney while increasing the integrity of the structure. Whether you need a few bricks replaced, the mortar chipped out and re-applied, or the entire structure rebuilt, we have you covered.


The mortar in a masonry fireplace usually needs to be replaced about every 20 to 25 years depending on exposure to constant changing weather conditions along with how well it was installed and kept up with from the beginning. Using a procedure called “tuckpointing,” old mortar is chipped away and removed and then replaced with fresh mortar. This simple service can not only protect your chimney from water damage but it will completely restore it to its original glory and beauty.

Chimney Rebuilding

On some occasions, the entire chimney structure must be rebuilt. Leaning chimneys, chimneys that have been struck by lightning, poor maintenance, or other disasters like fires or earthquakes can cause damage to the chimney that cannot be fixed easily. When chimney mortar deteriorates, moisture gets in and results in breakage of the masonry, known as “spalling.” If the chimney structure goes unrepaired and begins leaning, chimney rebuilding may then become necessary.

Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown protects the chimney top from weather-related deterioration and damage. It is designed to act much like an umbrella and is slanted downwards away from the chimney to allow the water to run off of the structure. When the chimney crown is cracked or broken, water can seep into the venting system and cause severe damage. We will patch or rebuild chimney crowns to keep your chimney system protected from water damage.


Buckner KY clay chimney liner repairParging is an old technique used for hundreds of years that gives chimney sweeps a traditional approach to addressing various chimney issues. The procedure involves applying a stucco-like material to a masonry surface. When mortar deterioration is excessive, parging is also sometimes used in place of tuckpointing.

Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney liners have to be in near perfect condition with no damage or cracks in order to prevent hazardous chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. We offer chimney liner repair services that include any masonry work. We can also apply sealant which restores the integrity of the chimney’s flue so that it works effectively and efficiently to vent hazardous smoke & combustible byproducts out of your home.


Count on our Louisville KY chimney sweep pros for chimney rebuilding services and masonry repair of all sorts. Contact us at (502) 410-4019 to schedule an appointment today.