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Choosing a Certified Chimney Sweep In Louisville KY

certified chimney cleaning in louisville kyThe chimney services industry is not regulated by the government, which makes it crucial to choose a chimney sweep carefully. The safety of your family and home are at stake, with regards to the proper operation of your chimney and fireplace. In addition, the chimney maintenance industry has more than its fair share of scammers who don’t have the equipment or the knowhow to provide reliable chimney sweep services. When asking why you should choose Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair or a company like it, the following checklist can provide assurance you are making the right decision.

□ Industry Expertise

Verifying expertise in the industry is the best detail to check when choosing a chimney sweep. Visit the website of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (IMI). A certification with the IMI means that the chimney technician is a professional who has been trained and receives ongoing training. In addition, ask whether the sweep also has experience and the equipment needed to properly do the job.

□ Industry Memberships

Membership in chimney sweep organizations provides an indication that a company or individual is interested in staying informed and up-to-date on the latest and best in the industry. The National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) is among the leading professional organizations in the chimney industry. The mission of NCSG includes a commitment to professionalism, innovation, and community.

□ Customer Satisfaction

Ask for references and check them to find out whether there is a history of customer satisfaction. Alternatively, check reviews and customer evaluations that have been posted online.

□ Professional Appearance

A chimney sweep usually gains access to your home, in order to perform chimney services. This could be an obvious risk, as regards the safety and security of yourself and your home, if you aren’t sure the individual is who they claim to be. Professional chimney sweeps usually wear a clean uniform and drive a clean vehicle, which is marked as a chimney sweep business. The equipment also looks clean and well-maintained.

□ Carries Insurance

Hire a chimney sweep who has full coverage insurance. This could protect you from liability, in the unlikely event that the chimney sweep is injured while performing chimney services at your home. In addition, if there is accidental damage of some kind, it will be covered by insurance.

□ Looks out for your Best Interests

Professional chimney sweeps, such as the expert technicians at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, are interested in providing services that benefit you. Frauds in the industry will usually get in the door by offering rock-bottom prices for chimney services. Then they pressure you to spend large sums of money on repairs that either may not be needed or that the individual doesn’t know how to perform.

best chimney sweep and chimney service company in louisville ky□ Open Communication

The best chimney sweeps are those who take the time to listen to your questions and concerns. Communication and services are provided with the goal of winning you over as a customer for life.

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