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Masonry Repairs & Masonry Work – Louisville

louisville ky chimney rebuilding and masonry workChimney masonry is often overlooked by homeowners, who believe that brick and stone can last a century or much longer. Although the materials seem to be plenty sturdy, chimney damage frequently occurs, often creating the need for chimney masonry repair. When this happens, it’s important to entrust the work to trained professionals like the chimney experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC.

How Moisture Affects Chimney Masonry

Moisture is the number one cause of chimney masonry damage, and it makes its way into the masonry in various ways. One of the most common starting places for water damage to occur is where the chimney masonry is held together by mortar. At best, mortar typically lasts about 25 years. Once mortar begins to wear away and crumble, the brick masonry is exposed to excess moisture. When water gets between the bricks, freezing and thawing cycles begin a process of causing the masonry to deteriorate. The expansion and contraction eventually causes the face of bricks to pop off and break. The chimney can quickly lose its stability. If the problem is ignored too long, the chimney can start to lean and could eventually collapse.

If there isn’t a chimney cap installed on the top of the chimney, moisture easily gets into the flue system. The mixture of water with the creosote that collects in the flue lining can cause the lining to deteriorate, which is dangerous. When the chimney lining is damaged, even in the slightest, repair or replacement is needed before using the fireplace again.

The chimney crown prevents water from getting into the chimney system between the flue and the exterior walls of the chimney. It is not uncommon for a chimney crown to crack and deteriorate, allowing moisture into the chimney. Sometimes it’s enough to repair the chimney crown but, if damage is extensive, a rebuild may be required. Either way, fixing the chimney crown is a lot less expensive than having to rebuild the entire chimney, due to moisture damage.

Chimney Chase Structures

Chimney rebuilding is sometimes necessary when wood-framed or wood-sided chimney chase structures develop wood rot. Whether you need a restored and rebuilt chimney chase, a complete masonry chimney rebuild, or anything in between, our experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair have the training and experience to get the job done correctly.

chimney construction and masonry work in louisville kyWhy a Chimney Specialist is Best for Chimney Masonry Repair

There are various components of a chimney that all work together to ensure that the chimney system as a whole works correctly from the inside out. A chimney professional, such as our trained and certified experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, recognizes the importance of using the right materials for the job. The temperature in a chimney and fireplace can exceed 2000° F, and it is essential that the materials used in those areas can withstand the extreme heat.

Waterproofing, for Prevention

We recommend preventative measures, in addition to making needed chimney repairs in a timely manner. Waterproofing of a chimney can help to prevent the kind of damage that calls for chimney masonry repair, but it must be performed before damage has occurred. Otherwise, chimney repair comes first and then waterproofing. Contact Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair today at (502) 410-4019 for chimney masonry repair and all of your chimney and fireplace needs.