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Different Types Of Chimney Damage – Louisville


chimney water damage and repair in louisville kyChimney Water Damage

At Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC, we frequently see chimney deterioration caused by moisture. To help avoid related costs of a deteriorating chimney, our recommendations are to schedule annual chimney inspections and learn how to identify signs of chimney water damage

louisville ky leaning chimney from storm damageChimney Storm Damage

The need for storm damage repair on chimneys is not unusual in the Greater Louisville KY area. Chimneys are subjected to the full effect of strong winds, torrential rains, and microburst thunderstorms. Following strong storms, chimneys may have missing or damage flashing, cracked masonry, and damaged or missing chimney chase covers and chimney caps.

louisville water damage chimney in need of tuckpointingChimney Leaks

Signs of chimney leaks include water stains on your walls around the fireplace, water in your attic, a puddle of water in your fireplace, and moisture collecting at the chimney base. The cause of a chimney leak is not always easy to pinpoint, since a number of different things could be the problem.