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Louisville – What to Expect – Chimney Cleaning / Inspection

louisville ky fireplace and chimney cleaning and inspectionWondering what to expect when you’ve scheduled a chimney cleaning and inspection with Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC? Our hassle-free chimney services begin with a punctual start, though there is usually a window of time in which you can expect the appointment to begin. A IMI-Certified chimney expert wearing a marked uniform will arrive in a marked Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair company vehicle. Once the work is completed, you can also count on everything in your home being as clean when we leave as when we started.

Tips to Prepare for Chimney Sweep Services

o   Discontinue use of the appliance and venting system being serviced at least 24 hours before the time of the appointment. The purpose is to allow the unit to cool. It would considered a great courtesy and would be much appreciated if the ashes were removed before the chimney technicians arrive.

o   Any nearby breakable items and valuables should be removed so that there is a 5-foot to 6-foot area cleared around the appliance to be cleaned or repaired. The equipment used by our certified chimney sweeps includes a large vacuum and other tools. Our goal is to get the work done safely and thoroughly. We also aim to complete it quickly.

How Much Time does a Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Require?

The average amount of time required to complete chimney cleaning and inspection is about an hour to 90 minutes. There are times, however, when something out of the ordinary arises, which could take longer. Major repairs may require more time, as well.

When to Schedule a Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

If you would like to have the benefit of an appointment time most convenient to you, schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning in spring or summer, also known as the “off season” in the chimney sweep industry.

When making an appointment in fall or winter, allow plenty of lead time, which could help to ensure you get a convenient appointment time. During the busy season, it would not be unexpected for us to be booked solid for chimney services 3 weeks in advance.

louisville ky chimney service and chimney inspectionCall to Make an Appointment for Chimney Cleaning

Our friendly technicians would welcome it, if you would like to watch while the work of chimney cleaning and inspection is done. Any questions you may have are welcome, as well. The chimney experts at Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair would love to help ensure the safety and proper operation of your chimney.

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