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Our Louisville Chimney Sweeps provide service to Fisherville KY, offering top notch repair & cleaning services including chimney cleanings, chimney inspections, full chimney rebuilding & restoration, chimney chase top replacement and installation, along with chimney crown repair.


Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC has been serving residents in Fisherville KY, Grenden Fields, Dove Point, Saratoga Springs, Hopewell, Bradford Commons, Saratoga Woods, Pine Valley Estates, Landherr Estates, and Bolling Brook for over 2 decades.

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When it’s time to service your chimney or fireplace, trust in the pros of Louisville Chimney Sweep & Repair, LLC. We employ only the best highly-trained & experienced chimney technicians to ensure that every job we complete is done to the highest quality of workmanship & safety standards.

Residents in Fisherville KY have come to count on us to deliver quality work, fair and honest prices, and a full explanation of any recommended services. Our pro chimney technicians will always arrive on time, in full uniform, and in a clearly marked company vehicle for services like chimney cleaning & inspections, chimney repairs & rebuilding, and chimney liner & topper installations.



Throughout the town of Fisherville KY, up and down Interstate 265, Rt 155, and across Echo Trail, Pope Lick Rd, and English Station Rd, our courteous chimney techs can be spotted as they travel on their way to service chimneys, fireplaces, and heating stoves across the area. From annual chimney cleanings to chimney restoration, and masonry repair, our sweeps stand behind every job completed.

Local homeowners have come to trust in our company when it’s time for cleaning or repairs. We have garnered an excellent reputation in area, and happy customers regularly recommend us to their neighbors, friends, and family.

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Beware of Chimney Sweep Scams

Homeowners should be aware of a common chimney sweep scam that is affecting the industry. “Cheap Sweeps” are companies who pose as legitimate chimney pros and bait customers in with incredibly low prices for typical chimney cleaning & inspection services. Once they win the job, they arrive and perform a cursory “inspection” and then attempt to upsell the homeowner into expensive repairs with scare tactics.

Don’t agree to any extensive chimney repair services without a second opinion from a highly rated local chimney sweep. Most often, these major repairs are not even needed but scammers rely on the homeowner’s lack of knowledge about chimneys to scare them into thinking they are in danger. Only trust in a real, trained, & insured chimney sweep when it comes to any type of chimney service.


We provide chimney cleaning services, chimney repair & rebuilding, chimney masonry repairs and tuckpointing, along with chimney chase top installation and chimney crown repair for homes in Fisherville KY, Grenden Fields, Dove Point, Saratoga Springs, Hopewell, Bradford Commons, Saratoga Woods, Pine Valley Estates, Landherr Estates, and Bolling Brook.

Our happy customers in the Louisville area have helped us maintain our excellent reputation as the area’s Best Chimney Sweep Service.
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